Employment Law

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The impact of Employment Law

Employment legislation is always changing and keeping up to date is no easy task. When managing your business it can be a challenge to find the time to focus on such tasks as updating contracts, reviewing policies and understanding the latest changes in the law. When was the last time you reviewed and updated your documentation?

The Consequences

There is very little that you, as an employer, can do to prevent an employee or ex-employee bringing an Employment Tribunal.

186,300 claims were received by Employment Tribunals in 2011/2012

The 2011/2012 Employment Tribunal statistics:

  • Average award for successful unfair dismissal claims was £9,133.
  • Successful discrimination claims - an employee is eligible for an uncapped award.
  • Average award for a disability discrimination claim was £22,183.
  • The highest award for race discrimination was £4,445,023.

Our service keeps you up to date with employment legislation, guides you through the affects and implementation of such changes and enables you to fully understand the legal ramifications of the decisions you need to make.

Take action now to be in control of your employment practices. Can you afford not to?