Our advisers

Our Advisers

Our team of advisers hold a wealth of knowledge, advising on the hugely varied issues affecting all employers. The team can relate the complex world of case law and employment legislation to your business and specific situation. We understand how difficult dealing with such issues can be.

Each of the team attends a minimum of 16 hours CPD training each year to ensure they are at the forefront of the upcoming changes that may affect your business.

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Quality of Service

All telephone calls are recorded and stored on and off site for a minimum period of seven years providing a long term traceability for each individual call.

Regular customer satisfaction surveys are carried out on a monthly basis and all our Customer Service Advisers and Employment Advisers have regular one to one performance review meetings with team leaders where progress and standards are monitored and training needs identified.

We ensure the quality of advice as well as adherence to service procedures and best practice by reviewing samples of work. A random selection of each Adviser's calls are selected at regular intervals and reviewed by a Manager within the team. Work is checked against a set criteria and feedback provided back to the individual concerned. This highlights any training needs, should there be any, and allows for appropriate training to be arranged.

All of these procedures ensure that we take on board your feedback to develop the service as well as giving you the peace of mind that the advice you receive will always be of the highest standard.