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the all important question of cost

coins and wheatHow much does it cost?

This service could cost you as little as £1,000 + VAT for a years subscription. This means access to all of the resources as well as the peace of mind that your documentation has been completed by an experienced professional and is completely up to date and compliant.

Discounts for NFU members and NFU Mutual clients

10% discount is available for current NFU members.

If you are not an NFU member but do hold an NFU Mutual policy you can expect a 5% discount.

In addition to either of the above discounts we offer a 5% discount if you sign up for a 3 year contract and a further 5% discount if you sign up over the phone with no need for a sales appointment.

A potential total discount of 20%!

For a quotation or to sign up for one of the packages please contact us.

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