New way to make a subject access request

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has introduced a new online service for individuals to submit DSARs to organisations. The user can fill out an online form and the ICO will send the request directly to the organisation - Preparing and submitting your subject access request | ICO. Employees make DSAR requests often when they are subject to either disciplinary or grievance procedures.

Whilst it may seem concerning to receive a DSAR directly from the ICO it should be appreciated that a request from the ICO carries no more weight than a request received directly from your employee. The DSAR is dealt with in the usual way and, unless complex, should be responded to within 1 month. The response goes directly to the employee/individual making the request and not the ICO. The ICO privacy notice also states the request is only kept for 14 days from the date it is submitted.

If you are an NFU Employment Service member and receive a DSAR please call the Helpline on 0370 840 0234 for advice before responding.