The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee - Additional Bank Holiday


Employers will need to plan for the additional bank holiday on Friday 3 June, which is now only a week away.


  • Workers do not have an automatic legal right to paid time off on a bank holiday
  • Entitlement to the additional days holiday will depend on the wording of the contract.


Check the contract:

Contract wording

Entitlement to extra bank holiday

Entitled to all bank holidays


Entitled to the usual bank holidays


Entitled to 8 bank holidays

You will need to decide which 8 of the 9 bank holidays to pay

Specifies bank holidays to be taken

Only if 3 June 2022 stated

28 days inclusive of all bank holidays

Yes, but it will be deducted from employee’s annual leave entitlement

Silent on bank holidays




As a gesture of goodwill, you may have decided to give the additional day as paid leave regardless of the contract wording, to allow all your workers to join in the celebrations.

Further questions

NFU Employment Service members can speak to an employment adviser via our Helpline on 0370 840 0234.